Since 1990, Temps For Tracts has been providing the finest in temporary and permanent staffing for the new home sales industry. We place people as hosts/hostesses, sales assistants, and junior agents as well as lead agent positions for most of the major home builders in Southern California.


What kind of people work for Temps For Tracts?

Experienced new home sales people who have sold out a community will frequently work for us until their next community is ready. If their builder is not planning to build another community soon, the sales person may then work for Temps For Tracts in order to find a sales position with another builder.

Residential resale agents often want to try new home sales and will work for us in order to decide if this side of the real estate industry meets their needs. Not only does it allow them an opportunity to learn a whole new area of real estate sales, but it also allows them to work for a variety of builders and some of the best new home sales people in the business.

Newly licensed sales people wanting a career in new home sales are provided with on-the-job training by our experienced Field Trainers who work alongside the new person at a job site. Thus, questions can be answered on the spot and direction given so that the new person quickly gains skills and confidence.

Part-time workers are frequently needed just for weekends or for a few days a week on an occasional basis. Some people who have other jobs may want to work in new home sales on the weekends as a way to determine if this is a career they wish to pursue or perhaps they have childcare or family situations that will not allow them to work a full-time schedule.

Temps For Tracts is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to providing a work environment
that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

To explore employment opportunities with Temps For Tracts, you may choose from the following:

  1. Complete the online Pre-Employment Application or
  2. Email your resume to and put “Resume” in the subject line or
  3. FAX your resume to sales director at 951-659-3922.


Q. Must I have a real estate license to work for Temps For Tracts?
A. Yes. Even if you are not actually writing contracts, the California Department of Real Estate requires that you have a California real estate license if you are quoting prices in a new home sales office and acting in any related sales capacity.

Q. Can I work for Temps For Tracts and another real estate office at the same time?
A. No. California law states that as a licensed real estate sales person you can only receive compensation relating to your real estate activities from one broker. When you work for us, we will hold your license and act as your broker.

Q. Can Temps For Tracts guarantee me 40 hours of work each week?
A. No temporary personnel service can guarantee you any set amount of work per week. Our employees who consistently work 40 hours each week (and there are many who do) have several things in common: they are good at what they do, they are reliable, they are able to get along well with any type of sales person or customer, and they are flexible as to when they can work and where they will work. In addition, they make it easy for us to reach them when we have work assignments available.

Q. Will I be able to get work close to home?
A. We will try to keep you working close to your home, but that may not always be possible. As a condition of employment, you must be willing to drive up to 45 minutes from your home.

Q. How much will I be paid?
A. Our employees are paid an hourly wage which varies depending on experience. We can discuss this with you when we receive your resume. Employees are paid as employees, not as independent contractors, and thus required state and federal withholding amounts are deducted from pay checks.

Q. Will you help me get a full-time job with a builder?
A. Yes. We will do everything possible to help you secure a full-time job. Our builder clients look to us for job candidates based upon certain pre-selected qualifications as well as recommendations from us describing your work history with us. Keep in mind that much of your success at getting a job with a builder will depend on you: your attitude, your work ethics and the quality of your work.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to Temps For Tracts if you get me a job?
A. No. If one of our clients wishes to hire you as a result of your working for us at one of the client’s new home communities, then the client may be required to pay a conversion fee.

Q. Do you provide training?
A. Yes. On-the-job training is provided for new hires who may need the support of our experienced Field Trainers who will work alongside you, providing direction and guidance. In addition, each of our employees is provided with a copy of our comprehensive Training Manual. We have found this type of training to be far superior to classroom instruction alone.

Q. I am an experienced new home sales person. Do I have to go through a training program?
A. No. During the interview process, we will discuss with you the job requirements along with our expectations, but we will not require you to sit through a classroom orientation or training session. You will be required, however, to read our Training Manual and our Employee Handbook.

No boring classroom training here! For our newly hired employees who have limited new home sales experience, we provide on the job training. This allows you to work alongside one of our experienced Field Trainers who will guide you through the intricacies of new home sales.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn during your field training:

• Opening and closing the sales office and models
• Inspecting the models and identifying specific selling points of each
• Learning your way around the sales office and figuring out the topo board
• Determining neighborhood amenities and the selling features of each
• Greeting customers and discussing community amenities
• Explaining Mello-Roos and Homeowner Association fees
• Learning which questions to ask in order to determine the buying needs of customers
• Demonstrating various features in the homes
• Effectively handling telephone calls and taking messages
• Explaining the deposit and reservation requirements to customers
• Getting customers to complete registration cards
• Completing “traffic” reports and other sales office documents

This hands-on approach to training allows our employees to quickly become confident in their own skills and helps to alleviate many mistakes often made by newly hired sales assistants.

“ I began working for Temps For Tracts in 1992 because I wanted the flexibility that a full-time job would not allow. When my husband needed after-surgery care, Temps For Tracts found work for me close to home. After he passed away, I needed to work a lot! They made sure I stayed busy. Now, my schedule is really crazy and yet they continue to find work that fits my needs. Many of the staff members at Temps For Tracts have become personal friends over the years and I feel like family!”

Kathy Anderes
Inland Empire

“ If it weren’t for Temps For Tracts, I would never have had the opportunity to become a lead sales agent at Wild Iris, a new home community by Pacific Coast Communities.”

Dale Slotten
San Diego

“ I have over 25 years of real estate sales and management experience, and my association with Temps For Tracts is one of the most rewarding relationships of my real estate career. Why? Because they are professional and ethical, organized and consistent, compassionate and caring; elements sadly absent from most modern day relationships. Yet, these are the minute by minute, day by day hallmarks of Temps For Tracts. The staff and owners are a credit to the industry!”

Charles W. Poynter


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